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Elevate your home with these easy DIYs.

Easy DIY Projects That Elevate Any Space

When your home needs a refresh, the best décor comes from DIY projects. Sure, it’s tempting, even easy to scroll through social media and pick out something that’s trending and buy it new from a big retailer. But decorating your home this way is a surefire way to guarantee you’ll be sick of your new design as soon as the trends change and your space is no longer in vogue.

But when you DIY your home décor to fit your personal style, you ensure you’ll love the space for years to come. That means spending less time, money, and energy updating your décor in the future. You will create something that is personally timeless.

So here are five DIY projects you can complete with items you probably already have in your home. Talk about good for your wallet and good for the environment!

DIY Gallery Wall

Often overlooked, if you’ve got empty walls in your house, it might be the reason a space feels unfinished. Gallery walls are a great way to fill any wall and immediately add personality to your room. Create a stunning collage using your favorite family photographs, prints, kids’ artwork, and even flat knick-knacks.

The best part of a gallery wall is that you can always add to it over time as your collection grows. We recommend using whatever you already have around the house to frame everything, but if you don’t have much, the thrift store is always a great place to look for unique eclectic frames at an affordable price.

Customized Throw Pillows

Every couch needs throw pillows. Throw pillows on a couch are like salt on popcorn—popcorn is great on its own, but salt makes it ten times better. So a sofa without throw pillows just isn’t complete. But instead of buying new pillows, consider turning old sheets or curtains into upcycled throw pillows.

You can even hit up the thrift store to find fabric items to upcycle. Just be sure to use a fabric with a pattern or color that’s unique to your style. Plus, mix and match different patterns and colors to create a visually appealing arrangement.

DIY Old Furniture  

Instead of throwing out and buying new furniture pieces, consider giving any old furniture a facelift with a fresh coat of paint. From big pieces like tables and dressers to something small like a chair, start by sanding the wood down and finish with a fresh coat of primer and paint.

You’d be amazed how much a new color updates an item. And if the item has drawers or doors, you can even change the hardware for extra pizzazz.

Use Old Candle Jars

If you’re a candle lover, then chances are you’ve got a growing collection of old candle jars. Fortunately, candle jars are one of the most versatile DIY items around. Seriously, we could write a whole blog post about them alone—but until then, here are some of our favorite ideas.

Use the jars as makeshift vases and keep flowers fresh in them. Use glitter and tea-light candles to turn the jars into holiday decorations. Or even use them as an elegant holder in your bathroom for makeup brushes or other countertop items, like cotton balls and Q-tips.

DIY Shelving

If you’ve got old wooden crates, milk cartons, or even ladders, don’t throw them away, turn them into shelves instead. That’s right, instead of overpaying for new shelves, bring more personality into your space by using something you already have.

Be sure to mount everything with appropriate drywall anchors. Once your new shelves are up, you’ll have even more space to display items like books, souvenirs, and pictures that showcase your personality.

So the next time you feel like your space needs a refresh, consider doing one or even all the DIYs on this list. They’re a great way to add more personality and style to your living space using items you already own or could find at the thrift store.

Spring into Savings
As the flowers bloom, so do our deals! Step into spring with style, savings, and fresh new finds at our thrift store.
Spring into Savings
As the flowers bloom, so do our deals! Step into spring with style, savings, and fresh new finds at our thrift store.