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6 DIY Thrift Ideas

Our team loves to transform thrifted pieces into something new. As trends change, here are some of our current favorites when it comes to DIY thrift projects.


One Shirt 5 Ways


Shay runs a fabulous, thrifted style account on Instagram. Not only is her style effortless, but she comes up with multiple ways to wear a single thrifted shirt. We love following along on her thrift trips and seeing how she repurposes vintage pieces from our stores. Go give her a follow and see how the THRIFT QUEEN takes DIY thrift to the next level!


Turn Sheets and Vintage Clothes Into Masks

Thanks to all the Youtubers and pattern makers that have posted free templates for masks, you can turn almost anything into a fun mask. Some items in our stores that you can use include, bed sheets, vintage curtains, patterned t-shirts, and colorful blouses. If you have extra fabric when you’re done making masks, use it to make headbands, scarfs or to add detailing to vintage jackets.


Give Old Jars & Vases a Terracotta Facelift

We’re loving the new terracotta trend on jars and vases purchased at our thrift stores. You can always find interesting styles to repaint and repurpose. The key here for this DIY thrift project is to look for vases of all different shapes and sizes.

Here’s how to get the terracotta look that’s natural and looks way more expensive than it is:


  • Paint color of your choice
  • Plastic bowl for mixing
  • Stir Stick
  • Baking Powder
  • Foam or paint brush

Mix 1 teaspoon of baking powder for every 1 cup of paint color you use. Personally, I love the orange, nude and pink colors for a fun mix & match look. Once you’ve mixed your paint and baking powder, brush on to the vase or jars in small paint strokes to give that natural, textured look. Let dry, and paint a second coat if the color is super light. Be sure to tag us when you’re done so we can see your beautiful work!


Find New Ways To Style Vintage


Taylor is a thrift babe who runs a versatile, lifestyle account on Instagram and Youtube. As an avid shopper at Music City Thrift, she’s always posting amazing content on thrift hauls and finding new ways to style vintage clothes. Whether she’s painting on her jeans or transforming outdated dresses, her outfits are always on point. Go give her a follow for more style tips and thrift tricks.

Upcycle A Vintage Jean Jacket

There’s multiple ways to upcycle those vintage jackets and blazers that you find in our thrift stores. Here are some of our favorite ways to do this.

  1. Sew on or use fabric glue to add an interesting pattern to the back of your jacket or to the sleeves and cuffs.
  2. Utilize a stencil and fabric paint for a facelift to the jacket that’s completely unique to you.
  3. Buy studs and patches from a hobby store and add detailing all over. I love this look on blazers to give them an edgier look.


Turn Cups and Kettles Into Plant Holders

Now this trend has been around for ages. Repurposing thrifted cups, kettles and even shoes into plant holders is a sustainable way to reuse them without having to trash them. The key here is to ensure proper drainage so there’s no root rot. The easiest way to do that is to place large rocks, then smaller rocks on the bottom before you place in your soil and plant. The rocks help to keep unused water away from the roots so there’s no overwatering. DIY thrift store planters are the cheapest way to get a unique look without the price tag!

We hope these 6 DIY thrift ideas help breath new life into your thrifting hauls as well as being light on your wallet. Be sure to tag us in your projects so we can show off your #ShiftToThrift!

Spring into Savings
As the flowers bloom, so do our deals! Step into spring with style, savings, and fresh new finds at our thrift store.
Spring into Savings
As the flowers bloom, so do our deals! Step into spring with style, savings, and fresh new finds at our thrift store.