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Back-to-School Vintage Trends You Can’t Miss

Looking for some back-to-school vintage trends that’ll make you stand out? Well, look no further! If you follow us, then you know that we love clothes, decor and all the accessories. But more than that, we love sustainable fashion designers, and well-loved vintage wear. Fortunately, because we all know that fast fashion isn’t sustainable, many of us have started to give vintage the spotlight in our wardrobe.

So, we put together some of our top 5 favorite trends for back-to-school vintage clothing!


tinted glasses

1. Tinted Sunglasses and Fun Shapes

You might think that the hippies of the 1970s helped created tinted sunglasses. However, tinted glasses have been around for hundreds of years. One of the reasons we love tinted sunglasses and place them at the top of our back-to-school trends is because they just never go out of style. They upgrade any look, and when you put on a pair, you’re guaranteed to make a fashion statement. This year, tinted sunglasses are back, and you’ll support sustainability by getting yourself a pair of retro lenses (or a few pairs). Have fun and look good by snagging tinted sunglasses in yellow, pink, and blue colors to match your clothing and your mood!


Photography by: Ivan Ramirez @irphotography_official

2. Gen Z Embraces the 90s and Y2K

Every generation looks to the past for inspiration in fashion, music, and aesthetics—Gen Z is no different. Young generations like the idea of reaching back to vintage trends of another era, and in this case, they have embraced big jewelry and fashion that’s loud and out there. In short, they’re taking their inspiration from the 1990s and Y2K. To them, those seemed like times that were simpler and more relaxed than life is today.  As a result of today’s stresses, they don’t care about being restrained and conservative, and neither do we! So colors, large jewelry, and anything fun and unusual is the way to go.

vintage sneakers

3. Vintage Sneakers is Where It’s At

If you want to know what the cool kids wear, one of the places to see it is on TikTok. Hang out there for a bit, and you’ll see young people not only looking to the 90s in terms of their clothing but also their sneakers. Buying a pair of old vintage sneakers with a retro look is an important trend for anyone during back-to-school season. For instance, retro sneakers include New Balances, Nike Air Trainers, Jordan Retros, and of course, Vans sneakers. Think of having your look down from head to toe with fun tinted sunglasses, loud and colorful clothing, and then top it off with old-school sneakers.


Photography by: Ivan Ramirez @irphotography_official

4. Prints are Back in Fashion

Going along the lines of wanting to stand out, the vintage fashion of this era is embracing all kinds of prints. And that includes mixing and matching! Before the pandemic, people may have been more muted in terms of what they wore. But after a year of studying or working from home, it’s time to make a fashion statement; as a result, prints are back and we are here for it. Think of any print you could imagine, and the chances are you can and should wear them. The print trends are all over the runways, with florals being the leaders in the preferred prints of designers. However, it also includes vertical, horizontal, and even wild stripes.


5. T-Shirts With Logos are Back in Fashion

In the 1970s, it seemed like everyone loved and owned t-shirts. Well, they’re back. Again, embracing a more relaxed environment is where it’s at today with back-to-school vintage trends. In fact, our thrift stores have seen an uptick in the t-shirts flying off the racks as people scoop them up. And just like the generations in the past, retro t-shirts with old school bands, logos, or fun prints are the most popular ones to buy and wear. T-shirts also make for great comfort because of the cotton, which is breathable and refreshing to wear. They also look great in the winter under a fabulous sweater or even a vest.


Going Vintage is the Biggest Trend in Fashion

The reality is that the most significant trends for back-to-school fashion is going vintage first. Vintage clothing got its start in the 1970s where people bought second-hand and recycled clothing to mix and match. In the decades since then, it fell out of fashion. However, in the early 2020s, it’s all the rage, and it’s not going away. As we know, the world has a significant and existential crisis with climate change. And, fast fashion is simply not sustainable.

Vintage clothing and fully embracing second-hand clothes have become a top priority for trendsetters and people all over the world. What’s more, with vintage clothing, you have a chance to explore, have fun and express yourself. Again, the modern aesthetic is about being who you are and embracing all your personality’s quirky and fun sides. Rigid ideas of what people should and shouldn’t wear are coming to an end. So, go ahead and explore thrift store shopping, mix and match and see what feels good for you the next time you look for clothes.


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Spring into Savings
As the flowers bloom, so do our deals! Step into spring with style, savings, and fresh new finds at our thrift store.