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Your go-to essential guide for getting children of all ages excited about thrifting and owning vintage items.

5 Ways To Get Kids Excited About Thrifting

Kids hate thrifting. Well, kids hate shopping. Most kids find shopping boring, time-consuming, and pointless. And it’s not hard to see why. At its core, shopping is just walking around and looking at items. Most of the time kids aren’t even allowed to touch or explore the items they’re interested in. To make matters worse, when their parents aren’t slowly walking up and down aisles or trying on clothes, they’re waiting in long lines to check out.

This disdain for shopping often doubles in the thrift store. Because while some children may find entertainment in the colorful packaging offered at traditional retailers, thrift stores are filled with “old stuff”. Old stuff that children don’t always appreciate, outside of the used-toys section.

But it’s never too early to start teaching your child the importance of shopping second-hand. Thrifting is a great way to instill life-long values like budgeting, personal style, and appreciation of vintage items.

That’s why we’ve put together six ways to get your kids excited about thrifting.

Make Thrifting A Game

One of the best ways to get kids interested in any task is to turn that task into a game. Thrifting is no exception. There are so many games you can play with your kids while thrifting. One of our favorites is “Bet You Can’t Find This.” During this game, you issue a challenge to your kid to find a specific item/items during your shopping trip. For younger children, it can be one easy item, like a dress with flowers. But for your older children, it should be something more challenging like 6 items with wheels that aren’t toys.

Another great game is “Just Like New,” where you encourage your kids to find items in the thrift store that have never been used. Usually, this means finding items in their original packaging or with original tags. Both games help your kids understand what types of items can be found at the thrift store and what condition they can be found in.

Be A Secret Shopper

This next tip operates like a game, but as a bonus, it encourages your child to think from the perspective of someone else. Before you enter the store give your kid a price limit. Anywhere between five and fifteen dollars. Then tell them to pick out a gift for someone while shopping in the thrift store.

You’ll be amazed to see how your child rises to this task and spends their shopping trip trying to find the perfect gift for their selected person. Plus, this is not only a great way to teach your child to be more thoughtful, but it’s also a great way to spread a little extra love.

Give Your Kids A Thrifting Budget

It’s never too early to start teaching about the importance of budgeting. And the best way to learn important principles is to put them into action. The next time your child needs new gym shoes, or even back-to-school clothing, give them a budget and guidelines and let them pick out their own items.

This teaching tool is so effective because it puts the power in the kids’ hands. They’re able to start making decisions about their finances and personal style, all while still close enough to you in order to ask for help if they need it. 

Compare Prices While Shopping

Kids don’t always love the idea of buying something “used.” And we understand why, it’s more glamorous to buy something shiny, new, and trendy from a big retailer. But many kids feel this way because they don’t understand the inherent value of buying second-hand. They don’t realize yet that your budget stretches twice as far at a thrift store as it would a regular retailer.

That’s why we encourage you to start your shopping trip at a regular retailer, take pictures of items your child shows interest in, and take note of the price with them. Next find comparable items and the thrift store. Compare prices of the items with your child and show them how much further their money will stretch at the thrift store.

We hope these tips help your entire family get excited about thrifting!

Spring into Savings
As the flowers bloom, so do our deals! Step into spring with style, savings, and fresh new finds at our thrift store.
Spring into Savings
As the flowers bloom, so do our deals! Step into spring with style, savings, and fresh new finds at our thrift store.