Alternative For Recycling Clothes


Help the Environment and Help a Worthy Charity!

City Thrift is all about reusing, recycling and restyling while providing high quality items at rock bottom prices to savvy consumers like you.

Our stores are for-profit operations that purchase merchandise from non-profit organizations. The payments we make to the non-profits for this product allow the non-profits organizations to provide many benefits and services to people in the local communities who need and deserve them.

Our for-profit company works to keep useable items out of landfills and provide funding for our worthy local charity partners.


What the Company Does

For over 30 years, the Texas Thrift, City Thrift, and Music City Thrift family of stores has provided customers with an incredible selection of unique items at bargain prices in a friendly and inviting well-organized shopping environment. Each shopping trip is a new adventure since thousands of new items are added to each store’s floor daily and weekly specials stretch your dollars further. You can feel good knowing that your purchases help worthy charities and keep useable items out of local landfills.

Great Quality

Great Selection