Large Selections At Thrift Stores

Texas Thrift, City Thrift and Music City Thrift are a family of thrift stores providing a huge array of unique, high quality gently used merchandise at prices far below retail.  Our stores average 25,000 square feet and are clean and well lit with attractive fixtures and cheerful, experienced retail professionals.  Stores are professionally merchandised with items neatly organized by department, product category, size and color.  Departments for men, women and children and other merchandise categories are prominently marked to enable the entire family to easily locate their desired shopping area.  Our product offerings include clothes and shoes with an unlimited possibility of brands as well as furniture, electronics, books, jewelry, household items and décor which combine to create a treasure hunt shopping experience.

We partner with various charities, civic organizations, religious organizations and municipalities to provide fundraising opportunities.  Additionally, we recycle used garments giving them a second life that would otherwise end up in the incinerator or landfill.

We provide local jobs to many individuals and we believe in buying local to support our communities.

So what are you waiting for?  Come join the treasure hunt at our thrift stores!

What the Company Does

For over 30 years, the Texas Thrift, City Thrift, and Music City Thrift family of stores has provided customers with an incredible selection of unique items at bargain prices in a friendly and inviting well-organized shopping environment. Each shopping trip is a new adventure since thousands of new items are added to each store’s floor daily and weekly specials stretch your dollars further. You can feel good knowing that your purchases help worthy charities and keep useable items out of local landfills.

Great Quality

Great Selection